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Prepare to be shocked. A set of easily verifiable facts point to a stunning conclusion. The Federal Commodities regulator the CFTC has likely told the 4 big shorts to end their shorting in silver. Consequently, we are set to rocket higher in silver prices.

Two years ago, I and others wrote to the CFTC and to our elected representatives about the concentrated and manipulative short position in COMEX silver futures. Two months later, I received an official response that the CFTC had shared my concerns with two of its critical divisions, Enforcement and Market Oversight. Since the date of the Commission’s response, there has been an unprecedented decline in the concentrated short position of COMEX silver futures. From the high point of 65,000 contracts (326 million ounces) on February 2, 2021 for the 4 largest COMEX shorts, the short position has fallen to 36,000 contracts (180 million ounces), down a stunning 45%.

For the first time ever, on the recent $6 price rally, from early March to the beginning of May, the big commercial shorts failed to increase their concentrated short position as they always have in the past. It appears the CFTC has informed the big commercial shorts to essentially “knock it off.” The days of concentrated short selling to contain the silver price are likely behind us.

Had the Commission simply ordered the big silver shorts to cover their short positions immediately, all heck would have ensued, sending prices to the heavens. Instead, the commission most likely gave the big commercial shorts time to work on their concentrated short position.

Can I certify that such a time-sensitive directive was given to the big COMEX silver shorts 2 years ago?  Of course not. But I can say that we appear to be at the end of the silver manipulation unless the former big commercial shorts aggressively add new short positions on the next silver price rally. If they don’t add aggressively than that rally should prove epic.

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