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Envy Over Equality

Leftists claim to be motivated by social sympathy. They say they want to help the downtrodden and lift the poor out of poverty. They want to curb wealthy people and eliminate inequality. However, once in power, Marxism turns into a ploy to get the money that affluent people have. In Russia, the Bolsheviks wasted no time in opening the bank safety deposit boxes and confiscating the contents. The unemployed revolutionaries and criminals wasted no time in changing places with the people who had worked and profited on their efforts. Those who produced goods or provided services were replaced by incompetents. The communists stole the wealth of the capitalists and if anyone resisted, they were sent to the gulags or shot. The Russian economy soon collapsed. By that time the big shots in the party were ensconced in luxury villas and minor revolutionaries were sharing lodging with the likes of Dr. Zhivago. The best part was that none of the revolutionaries had to work. They just watched their neighbors, and squealed on them when they complained. READ MORE


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More Critical Than Ever

Readers know that I am firm in my belief that silver prices have been manipulated for years by large trading firms on the COMEX. I have raised the issue with the CFTC and the COMEX since 1985. Since uncovering the mechanics of the COMEX silver manipulation back then, I have been steadfast in attempting to end the fraud, to the point that it has been my main focus. I am mindful of the great returns that will come from silver-related investments when the manipulation is ended.  READ MORE


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