was founded in 1974 by Jim Cook, and has since grown to be one of  the nation’s leading silver and gold dealers. In the 48 years of service, IRI has logged 400,000 transactions for 60,000 customers equaling $3 billion sold and delivered.

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Much on My Mind

Given the still spectacularly bullish market structure that exists in both COMEX gold and silver my recent thoughts have been dominated by what type of price rally we are likely to see, once the moving averages in both gold and silver are penetrated to the upside. Those averages are still $1.50 or more above current silver prices, but only $50 or less above the two remaining moving averages in gold. Since we know the moving averages will be upwardly penetrated in time, the question centers on whether the coming rally will be of the $200 to $250 variety typical in gold and $4 or $5 rally in silver, or much more? The magnitude of the rally we will see is completely dependent on how aggressive the largest commercial short-sellers are in reaction to the managed money buying. More times than I care to recall at similar junctures in the past, I have always suspected the commercials would stand aside and let prices rip higher. Every single time, however, the big commercials loaded up on the short side on the rallies and we never got the “big one” I expected in silver. READ MORE


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