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Three Cheers for Income Inequality

It really gets tiresome listening to liberals whine about income inequality. They know nothing about wealth creation or the incredible effectiveness of capitalism when it comes to delivering the goods. People get rich in America by providing goods or services that consumers prefer. New breakthroughs and innovations can make entrepreneurs wealthy. Microsoft made Bill Gates one of the richest persons to ever live. Has the accumulation of his great fortune hurt anyone? Who is suffering because of all the new millionaires and billionaires in the world? Did the poor get poorer? Of course not. READ MORE


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Jim Cook Talks Silver Manipulation, Ted Butler, and J.P Morgan:


Serious Inroads, But Still Unfinished Business

By now, it would be hard not to have read about the Justice Department’s landmark criminal indictments against three additional precious metals traders from JPMorgan. Two of the traders charged are current employees and include the head of global metals trading. The charges include spoofing and market manipulation that extend back for nearly a decade. In a very serious turn, the Justice Department invoked the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and referred to the pattern of wrongdoing at JPMorgan as that of a criminal enterprise.  These new charges validate virtually everything I have alleged about JPMorgan for more than ten years to the point where a subscriber quipped that the DOJ was plagiarizing my work. READ MORE


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