was founded in 1974 by Jim Cook, and has since grown to be one of  the nation’s leading silver and gold dealers. In the 48 years of service, IRI has logged 400,000 transactions for 60,000 customers equaling $3 billion sold and delivered.

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Better Dead than Red

An uncomfortably hot August day got me to thinking about the blessings of air conditioning. Not too many years ago, homes did not have any relief from the heat. Then an entrepreneur and inventor Willis Carrier developed air conditioning. Nobody pays attention to the reasons we have things like air conditioning. It’s the capitalistic system that enables creative people to flourish. Under capitalism, endless new products and services are created to make our lives better. Under socialism, there’s zilch. Innovation hardly exists. READ MORE


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Why Silver Went Down When it Should Have Gone Up

Two weeks ago, it looked to me like silver was about to take off, following months of sharp price declines, yet we experienced the worst selloff in a couple of years.  Most puzzling was the cause of the sharp price declines. It didn’t appear to reside in COMEX futures positioning. It was something else entirely. I’ve been (quite literally) agonizing over what was behind this completely unexpected selloff to no avail, almost to the point of questioning my sanity, until a simple question from Jim Cook, president of Investment Rarities, appeared to provide the answer. Jim asked if the highly-counterintuitive selloff I was moaning about could be related to the short position in SLV and my head nearly exploded because it was so obvious that I couldn’t conceive why I hadn’t thought of it. Talk about being too close to the trees to see the forest. I had been so pre-occupied with the excessive short position in SLV that I failed to make the most obvious connection. READ MORE


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