was founded in 1974 by Jim Cook, and has since grown to be one of  the nation’s leading silver and gold dealers. In the 44 years of service, IRI has logged 400,000 transactions for 60,000 customers equaling $3 billion sold and delivered.

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According to silver analyst Theodore Butler, various hedge funds are currently short 440 million ounces of silver on the COMEX futures market. That’s over half the silver that’s mined in a year. These funds manage money for big investors and they rely on computerized trading programs. Human judgements and emotions don’t enter into trading decisions. Their foremost trading strategy is to buy or sell when moving averages are penetrated. If the price of silver or gold moves upward to the point it goes through the average of prices over the past 50 days, it causes some short selling programs to buy and close out their short positions. A penetration of the more important 200-day moving average sparks major buying and can lift the price significantly. READ MORE


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Jim Cook Talks Silver Manipulation, Ted Butler, and J.P Morgan:


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The silver/gold price ratio has widened out to 88 to 1. That’s the cheapest silver has been relative to gold in more than a quarter century. As for why silver is so cheap, look no further than futures contract positioning on the COMEX. Supply-demand fundamentals have nothing to do with the extreme low price of silver. Actual silver production is down and demand is up. What does exist is ironclad proof that speculative positioning on the COMEX is solely responsible for silver’s depressed price. Furthermore, the biggest speculator of all, JPMorgan, has been nothing short of masterful in rigging prices lower for the express purpose of buying as much silver (and gold) as possible. READ MORE


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