was founded in 1974 by Jim Cook, and has since grown to be one of  the nation’s leading silver and gold dealers. In the 44 years of service, IRI has logged 400,000 transactions for 60,000 customers equaling $3 billion sold and delivered.

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Recently, I noticed a photo of young Marxists holding up a variety of signs as they marched in a demonstration. One sign said, “Join the Struggle against Capitalism.” Another sign said, “Free Education, Funded by Expropriation.” To me the latter sign is the essence of the left; they want your money. They want what you own and they want your affluent lifestyle. They are secretly and deeply infected with envy. They want the things you paid a price for, but they want them without a price. They want to body slam you and bring you down to earth. Equality doesn’t interest them, they want the upper hand. READ MORE


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Who is the Big Silver Buyer?

People have asked me if silver is such a great potential investment, then why hasn’t somebody big come in to buy it? In the past, the Hunt brothers in 1980 and Warren Buffett in 1998 bought large quantities of silver. More recently JPMorgan has acquired a massive 850 million ounces over the past 8 years. Still the question persists – why hasn’t anyone else bought it? Well recently the data suggests someone big has bought silver – in addition to JPMorgan. Recent concentration data in the Commitments of Traders (COT) reports indicate a dramatic increase in the concentrated net long position of the 4 largest traders in COMEX silver futures, between May 28 until June 25. The position increased by 18,000 contracts to 67,328 contracts (336.6 million ounces). Since then, this big concentrated long position has decreased by nearly 8000 contracts to 59,661 contracts (as of July 16). The average position held by each of the 4 largest traders was 16,832 contracts.  READ MORE


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