Investment Rarities has unmatched silver storage at the Brinks facility.

The storage agreement exists between Brinks and the customer. It’s insured and absolutely safe. Your name is on the exact silver you purchased and it’s not commingled. Nor is it ever leased out or subject to any other games. It sits there until you instruct the bank otherwise.

If you want to sell it, have it shipped to you or pick it up, you can. We handle every aspect of getting your silver into Brinks. We also handle the liquidation when you want to sell. Remember, we have sold over $2-1/2 billion in gold and silver so we know what we’re doing.

We urge you to get started acquiring silver now and keep large amounts at Brinks. Take advantage of this first-rate storage opportunity. Good ones are hard to find.

For more information: Call a Gold & Silver Expert at 1-800-328-1860


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