• “I congratulate you for writing such an informative and educational book. I wish that millions of people would read it and take it to heart.” 

    – P. C.
  • It was a great read and I want to thank you for sending it to my husband and myself.  I’m passing it along to a friend of mine who expressed an interest in reading it. You are a great writer who can turn a very dry subject into a real ‘page turner.’”  Thank you. 

    – M. G.
  • “The service has always been good. Absolutely no problems.”

  • “I love how well informed the staff is here.”

  • “I was amazed at the courtesy, intelligence, and ethics.”

  • I've known Jim Cook for 20 years, and I agreed to become a spokesperson for Investment Rarities because of the excellent record his company has compiled for service and reliability.

    The Late Harry Browne Best Selling Author
  • Your company is the only gold firm I recommend. That's because you have proven to be the best company in the business.

    The Late Dr. John King Author, How to Profit From the Next Great Depression
  • Not a single one of my consulting clients or my subscribers that I've referred to you have ever had any complaints. Thank you for taking such good care of them.

    The Late James McKeever Editor, The McKeever Strategy Letter
  • I have purchased silver through Investment Rarities and have received excellent service, What more can I say?

    Robert Allen Author, Nothing Down and Creating Wealth
  • Your reputation, your free-market philosophical foundation and your entrepreneurial drive to deliver your very best in all markets are truly admirable.

    John Pugsley Editor Common Sense Viewpoint
  • I've known Jim Cook almost as long as Investment Rarities has been in existence and can say, based on direct experience, that he has run the tightest ship I know of.

    The Late Jerome Smith Editor, Jerome Smith's Investment Perspectives
  • A good friend of mine, Jim Cook is the president of the reputable firm Investment Rarities. If you're looking for a place to buy the precious metals, write to Investment Rarities.

    Steve Puetz (Pits) Editor The Steve Puetz Letter
  • IRI has been one of my recommended dealers for some time. They believe in the power of information and education. They are committed to educating you before they ever talk about spending your money.

    Dr. Gary North Editor, Remnant Review
  • I have known Jim Cook and Investment Rarities for years. They sincerely try to put their customers' interests first, and I like the way they do business.

    Douglas Casey Editor, Investing in Crisis
  • Investment Rarities is a knowledgeable, service-oriented precious metals trading company.

    Thomas P. Dorman Former Director Investor Products Engelhard Corporation
  • I have known Mr. Jim Cook, and his firm, Investment Rarities Incorporated, for many years. Investment Rarities has an excellent reputation for service and integrity within our industry. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Luis Vigdor Former Senior Vice President Manfra, Tordella and Brooks, Inc
  • Of all the firms in this industry, IRI stands among the few in terms of business ethics and how they handle their clients. Jim Cook's customers have always received good service.

    Mike Vigil Former Chief Executive Officer Intergold
  • IRI is a respected and very professional company which we are pleased to be able to count as a client.

    Jack Julian Former Vice President and Director Bullion and Refinery Services Royal Canadian Mint
  • I thought I would drop you this note to say how nice it is to have a customer with whom the relationship goes back as far as ours does and with whom one has had as friction-free a relationship.

    Dr. Henry G. Jarecki Former Chairman Mocatta Metals Corporation
  • I have had occasion to work with James Cook and Investment Rarities. Our dealings have always been honorable and forthright and I found him and his organization to be trustworthy.

    The Late Dr. Kurt Richenbacher The Richenbacher Letter

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