How big are silver bags and other bullion products?

A bag is $1,000 face-value and weighs about 55 pounds and is about the size of a bowling ball. For handling convenience, silver bags are always split into two 28 pound bags. They can easily be shaped and the large sized safe-deposit boxes found in most banks will hold several of these half-bags. 100-ounce bars weigh approximately seven pounds each and are 6 inches long, 3 1/4 inches wide, and 1 1/4 inches high. One-ounce gold coins are little larger than a half-dollar.

Where should I keep my silver, gold or platinum?

It should be kept in a safe-deposit box, a private vault or home safe. Silver bags, bars, gold and platinum can be stored in the depositories we recommend.

How can I tell what my bullion is worth?

As a guide you can check prices in the newspaper’s commodity section, which should list the spot prices of silver and gold and platinum.

How do I know that what I get is authentic?

We guarantee authenticity of all shipments. Virtually all material shipped has been carefully examined by metals and coin experts to insure that it is the real thing.

What about liquidity?

Call us for bid prices on bullion items. There is a national and international market for silver, platinum and gold. Investment Rarities Incorporated executes buy or sell orders at prevailing market prices. When we purchase from you, send us the coins or bullion, lock-in the price with a broker, and we will forward your payment. Numismatic items are put into our consignment inventory and sold for you or they are purchased outright, depending on market activity.

How can I be sure my order is complete?

All shipments are screened, counted, and packed carefully. The company guarantees the order as represented. Insurance and bond protect the purchaser.

How can I be sure that I’ll get my shipment after I make payment?

We have satisfactorily handled over two and a half billion dollars of precious metals transactions.

What kind of gold should I buy?

Gold coins have been much preferred over gold bullion. The most popular coins have been U.S. one-ounce Eagles, $20 Double Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leafs and krugerrands. For platinum we recommend Englehard or Johnson-Matthey bars and the Platinum Maple Leaf.

Should I buy silver coin or silver bullion?

Either one is good. We think you should own 100-ounce bars produced by major refiners as well as bags of pre-1964 silver coins.

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