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We appear to be at a particularly unique point in silver. Never have I witnessed a time when there have been more bullish articles and commentary than there is now. Never has there been greater awareness of the actual demand in silver being stronger than the actual supply.  You can’t find a bearish article. Yet the price does nothing. Don’t be fooled by that.

What’s missing in just about every bullish article is why the price of silver does nothing. One thing and one thing alone accounts for silver’s cheap and boring price and that’s the ongoing price suppression on the COMEX, which I have attacked for three decades. Finally, there are strong signs that manipulation is ending from reliable data.

Yes, it is possible for the manipulation to last a very short while longer, but we could just as easily turn up sharply from here. Worst case is maybe $2 lower first, before what I see as a $20 or $40 sharp move higher. But there is no guarantee we will see the $2 lower first, so the real risk is not taking advantage of what looks to be an explosive rally. Years ago, when silver was $5 or so, I talked about dimes to the downside and dollars to the upside. We’re in that same position now, only with it now being a couple of dollars lower (maybe) and tens of dollars higher.

Don’t let this highly unique opportunity to load up on silver, perhaps for the very last time, slip by. Do yourselves and your customers a favor – buy now before the higher prices are a reality and everyone chases the higher prices. Get in before the coming crowd.

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