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It’s getting to the point where you can’t trust the reporting of the mainstream media. All along they have selectively reported the news. If it was negative for the left, they underreported or ignored it. Lately, I believe they have taken to reporting dishonestly. Our local newspaper has become one big editorial for left-wing causes and promoting Trump hate. The news services, the major dailies and most TV news overtly mislead the public.

One of their biggest lies consists of stories about far-right groups who threaten disorder. They are trying to make right-wing extremists appear to be the equivalent of the radical left, who are rioting nightly. So far, I haven’t seen the far right do any damage. Nevertheless, the Minneapolis newspaper carries headlines about them. You couldn’t have a better example of media distortions and dishonesty.

At least they are honest enough to carry a story about a family in Minneapolis who had an American flag flying on their house and a Trump sign on their car. The mother who was born in the Ukraine was a Trump supporter. Radical thugs burned down their garage with three cars in it and put their kids at risk. You never see a Trump sign in Minneapolis and having a flag out is apparently risky. The radical left has a history of recruiting and politicizing the criminal class to do their dirty work. Criminals make the best terrorists. Make no mistake about it, Marxists and Socialists want to destroy your way of life and they have plenty of support from the media and the useful idiots in the Democratic Party.

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