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I believe that the welfare state carries the seeds of its own destruction. When a high percentage of voters are subsidized they will prefer a candidate who promises them more money. Currently, we have the welfare state on steroids because of the pandemic. As government spending goes through the roof, it puts us at greater risk of economic problems. At the same time the left is clamoring for higher taxes to fund more redistribution. They want a much bigger welfare state.

The behavioral pattern of long-term welfare recipients should frighten everyone. Wherever a population (anywhere on earth) begins to rely on the dole, their character deteriorates. There is an epidemic of drug addiction, alcoholism and bad behavior in all such groups. Furthermore, welfarism is the birthplace of radical politics and social unrest. Blame for their poverty is cast onto others. It serves as a rationalization for crime and vandalism. The most radical among their leaders preaches for the overthrow of the free enterprise system to be replaced by socialism and even collectivism.

The inevitable wealth destruction caused by left-wing policies would impoverish the nation. Everyone would be poorer. We have seen incontrovertible evidence of that in countries where revolutions imposed communism. The people are much worse off. Unfortunately, the left never pays attention to results. They ignore their failures and press for more of the same. Almost everything they propose is impractical and unworkable. They will destroy our way of life should they gain control. The liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin and we must somehow overcome it.

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