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Since I grew up in south Minneapolis, I know Lake Street well. That’s the street where 40 blocks of businesses were burned and destroyed. In high school we used to cruise Lake Street trying to meet girls. For years, I bought my penny loafers at a shoe store on Lake and Chicago. Not long ago I crossed Lake Street on my way to see someone at a hospital. It was nightmarish to see the small businesses ruined by arson. Our liberal mayor and governor failed to maintain law and order. They made the police stand down and allowed the criminals to prevail. Fifteen hundred businesses were damaged or destroyed and thousands put out of work. Hundreds of budding entrepreneurs saw their life’s work go up in smoke.

Subsequently, the police have been weakened and crime has doubled. The citizens are expressing fears for their safety. Even the suburbs are nervous. Nevertheless, it appears that the state will still vote Democratic in November. Apparently, results don’t matter to the left. It’s sad to watch the country you love start to fail.

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