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You’ve probably seen Minnesota’s new Somalian congresswoman acting up in the news. How does somebody like Ilhan Omar immigrate here from a third world hellhole like Somalia, enjoy government subsidies and not express thanks and appreciation for the good life in America? How dare that person attract attention by bitterly criticizing America? Why in the land of capitalist plenty does this person embrace socialism and worn out Marxist platitudes?

We now have 100,000 Somalis in Minneapolis-St. Paul centered in a district that contains “little Mogadishu,” an area of subsidized housing and high rises. They voted to send the radical Omar to congress. She is critical of the police, Israel, and American foreign policy.

The votes of these Muslims were enough to turn Minnesota into a state run by progressives. In fact, when our Republican Senator Norm Coleman lost by a few hundred votes, it enabled the democrats to pass Obamacare. So what did we get for our generosity in accepting these immigrants? Higher taxes, more government and embarrassing national publicity.

It’s encouraging to see a number of these immigrants working around the city. The last thing that anyone wants is another population of welfare recipients. If they go down that path they are doomed to the same pathologies that afflict all people on the dole. If not, maybe a few will turn their back on Socialism. Dumping Omar would be a good start.

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