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Over the years, silver analyst Theodore Butler has made some astonishing predictions about silver.  He has said silver’s rise will be like an atomic bomb on a hydrogen bomb on a neutron bomb. He claims that silver will go up ten times and possibly twenty times. In 2001, he predicted silver would rise ten times and it did just that. Mr. Butler acquired his expertise from 40 years as a commodity futures trader and broker. He has studied silver intensely for thirty years. Subscribers pay $400 annually to get his twice-weekly newsletter.

He predicts that a silver shortage is inevitable. Each year about 850 million ounces of silver are available from mining and 150 million ounces from scrap recovery. Of this total India and China take down 400 million ounces alone. When all the uses for silver are added up, only 50 to 100 million ounces remain for investment. When silver was at $45 an ounce in 2011, investment demand for the year was over 200 million ounces. Going forward a price rise in silver will rekindle demand and create a shortage. Silver will only come available at much higher prices. If industrial users can’t get enough silver, Mr. Butler suggests a silver users buying panic could unfold which would have to burn itself out at much higher prices. That’s just one more reason Mr. Butler is so bullish on silver.

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