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Every morning upon waking, I enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the Minneapolis morning paper. It’s the same newspaper I’ve read for decades, but lately I’ve begun to despise it. It’s such a liberal rag reprinting every negative article on Donald Trump that originate in the New York Times and the Washington Post. In each issue I skip through numerous articles about global warming, racism and income inequality to get to the sports page.

Unfortunately, the liberal media is hastening the downfall of our country. With few exceptions, newspapers are left wing and so are most TV networks. They influence the thinking of the public. They glorify leftists like Ocasio-Cortez and make celebrities out of socialists. They constantly promote the left-wing agenda and try to persuade their audience of the validity of socialist causes. It’s working. Their pernicious system is attracting adherents especially among the young. All of us underestimate the impact of years of liberal propaganda on the voters. They are turning the public against capitalism and free enterprise. They are constantly fomenting racial animosity, grudges and hatred. They are dusting off the failed Marxists’ doctrines of class warfare, inequality and confiscatory taxation. They are the harbingers of decline and destitution.

It can’t get any more serious for a country then to have collectivism on the rise. It’s not just the media, it’s the educational system and the government itself that fosters the drumbeat of progressive propaganda. They are all doing public relations for the far left. This is how a great nation expires. The progressive agenda is the blueprint for national ruin and unless we defeat these redistributionists, all is lost.

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