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If the lunatics on the left ever get the upper hand you can say goodbye to the America we know and love. Liberals have veered so far off the tracks you wonder about their sanity. The Democratic Party is gripped by crazy ideas and a fanaticism that borders on madness. Their ideas are the blueprint for national ruin and the disintegration of our society. This is the greatest threat our nation has ever faced. Make no mistake, a victorious left can eventually lead to our destruction.

Liberals want to tamper with the Constitution and the checks and balances our forefathers established. They hope to pack the Supreme Court with additional progressive judges. They want to kill the Electoral College. They want to abolish the second amendment and eventually eliminate gun ownership. They intend to allow felons to vote and they want to reduce the voting age.

The left wants open borders that allow any and all to enter the country with full access to welfare. They advocate sanctuary cities where criminals who are in the country illegally are protected and nurtured. They want to eliminate the agency that enforces our immigration laws. They refuse to acknowledge any type of problem with the flow of immigrants at our border and they resist a wall that would reduce the heavy drug smuggling into our country.

They want to increase welfare payments and give more money to social programs. They want to give a lump sum payment to anyone who can trace their ancestry back to slaves that lived 150 to 200 years ago. They want to increase taxes to draconian levels including an annual wealth tax on every asset. They want a guaranteed income for every shirker and free college and free health care for all.

The left constantly denigrates capitalism with claims that our successful economic system is evil and unjust. They want to eliminate the free market and replace it with interventionism and socialism. They want to break up the largest and most successful companies and put unions into company management. They are mounting a global warming hysteria in order to gain control of energy policies.

The late Joseph Sobran explained it perfectly. “Liberalism’s fatal flaw is that it has no permanent norms, only a succession of enthusiasms espoused by minor prophets. Each of these seems like a hot new idea to liberals, but soon goes to irksome and destructive extremes.”

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