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My friend Joe, who lives in Illinois, is making plans to move elsewhere. Income tax rates on high earners may be going up, and a host of other tax hikes are under consideration in Illinois. Cities and states run by liberals inevitably need money to pay for the social mess they have created.

Author Mark Glennor provides this rundown on new taxes on the table in Illinois: “Gas tax hike, vehicle registration fee hike, new ridesharing tax of $1 per ride, expanding Chicago’s ‘Netflix tax’ – a 7% tax on users of streaming services, cable and satellite customers, higher taxes on beer, wine and liquor, new statewide parking garage tax,  doubling the real estate transfer tax, higher registration fees for electric vehicles, a plastic tax, tax on Medicaid providers, sports gambling tax, marijuana tax, video gambling tax, retailer tax hike, e-cigarette tax hike, and higher cigarette taxes.”

The Democratic Party only knows how to raise taxes, add taxes, increase fees, add regulations, impose fines, confiscate assets, increase penalties and add licensing requirements. Illinois is in dire financial straits. All these progressive tax schemes will make matters worse.

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