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A front page article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune began with the headline, “Omar Calls for a Foreign Policy Reset.” The 37-year-old Somali American Ilhan Omar represents Minneapolis in Congress. She became infamous for her recent antisemitic comments and insensitivity to the 9/11 attack. The article quotes her as follows, “When I think about foreign policy, we need something equivalent to the Green New Deal.” The newspaper reports breathlessly, “Omar has ambitions for nothing less than a comprehensive reset of U.S. foreign policy.”

Since she has a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, her desire to dramatically reduce the military and bow out of Venezuelan affairs carries a bit more weight. Her popularity is reflected in her ability to secure up to five times more campaign donations than any other House member from Minnesota. A blogger reports that one Minnesota school has its young students coloring a reverential picture of Omar.

Just weeks ago, Ilhan Omar was feted by long time Communist Party member and Black Panther Angela Davis. Representative Omar was quick to vocalize her great admiration for the controversial activist. Omar has been linked to organizations that despise Israel and support Hezbollah and Hamas. She was a keynote speaker at CAIR which a former FBI chief claims gives aid to terrorist groups.

Columnist Sara Dogan writes, “Omar’s record in the Minnesota State House of Representatives, where she served as a representative from 2016-2018, is also troubling. In 2017, Omar voted against a bill that would allow life insurance companies to refuse to pay benefits in cases where the insured party died while committing an act of terrorism – one of only two state representatives to do so. She also opposed a bill which would make it a felony for parents to make their daughters undergo female genital mutilation.”

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