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I highly recommend watching the five part TV series “Chernobyl” on HBO Go. It’s not a documentary. It’s a spellbinding account of a nuclear disaster and the horrible effect of radiation on human beings. Besides the factual account of this disaster, the story gives insights into how Communism worked in Russia. It’s a program that every socialist should be made to watch. After a devastating explosion of the nuclear reactor the Russians at the site began to deny what happened. Everybody lied all the way up to the leadership of the country. People were arrested for telling the truth. They tried to keep it a secret and passed it off as a minor incident. Many paid the price of this dishonesty with their lives.

The Soviet system instilled fear of authority from the top down. The government spied on its citizens. Bribes were commonplace. Incompetence was widespread and negligence caused the Chernobyl disaster. Russian Communism was a failure that impoverished its citizens and almost ruined the country. They lied to save face, but eventually the truth came out and Communism collapsed.

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