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I was sitting by my computer one recent morning when the phone rang. It was my grandson, who said he was calling me from jail. He had rear-ended another car and injured a young girl. Both cars were a total loss. He had called the father of one of his high school teammates who was a lawyer, and he was going to transfer him to my phone. The lawyer explained how serious it was and that the judge was going to throw the book at him because he had been talking on his phone. After a few hours we got to talk to the judge who had issued a gag order because he didn’t want us to talk to anyone about it. Then we had to get bail money together so our grandson would not have to spend the night in the main jail for criminals. My wife went to the bank to get the $9,300 bail money. The lawyer was arranging a meeting to turn over the bail money when it dawned on me that this might be a scam. Just in time, we discovered this elaborate scheme was a hoax.

What surprised me that the first three people I told about this scam had similar experiences with someone trying to defraud them. If these scams are that widespread, how come the FBI can’t shut them down? The foremost task of government is to keep us safe and protect us from criminals. They are failing, and crime is getting much worse. Leftist policies are to blame. Democrats are more interested in getting criminals out of jail than putting them in jail.

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