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Silver analyst Ted Butler is suggesting that a profound change in the silver market is likely at hand. The four big banks and brokers who manipulated the silver market for two decades don’t appear to be continuing this nefarious strategy. If they stop this collusive behavior on the next price rise, then silver will have been set free and respond more to market forces than to the manipulative trading of the past. Frankly, silver investors couldn’t ask for more. Mr. Bulter has said all along that the end of big four short selling would send up the price. He has rarely been wrong about the goings-on in the futures market. He suggests this makes silver a solid opportunity for a big gain ahead. If you followed him for 23 years as we have, this sounds like redemption.

There are many bullish reasons to consider silver, but this is the most important. If you have been considering owning silver, Mr. Butler says now is the time.

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