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I recently wrote about a man with the worst driving record imaginable. In the past few years, he has been arrested 5 times for driving without a license, once while going 104 mph in a 50 mph zone. He has been arrested for auto theft and fleeing police in a vehicle. He is also on probation for drunk driving and speeding arrests. Wouldn’t you think this would be enough to put him in jail and keep him off the road?

Unfortunately not. He was intoxicated and going 75 in a 30 when he ran a red light and killed a beautiful young woman who was a physician’s assistant and cancer researcher. Now he will be in jail for less than 2 years. He should have been incarcerated long ago, but our criminal justice system in Minnesota excused him.

Our Democratic legislature just passed a raft of new laws aimed at transforming the criminal justice system. Among them were legalizing marijuana and shortening prison sentences. They plan to “invest” in young lawbreakers. That sounds like fighting crime by giving criminals more money.

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