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Shrewd investors spend time searching for assets that appear undervalued. The current volatility in the stock market should cause a small contingent of investors to look at silver for the first time. Analysts claim that silver is cheap. If bargain hunters start to buy silver in any quantity, that guarantees a dramatic price rise. Not only does little silver exist above ground, almost 90% of the silver mined each year is used up by industry. At one time billions of ounces of silver were owned by the U.S. government. That silver went into the melting pot to be refined for industrial users and it is now gone forever.

Silver analyst Ted Butler has theorized that if a tiny fraction of the world’s investable funds went into silver, the price would explode. He insists that this will soon happen and rising prices in silver will attract a lot of attention and new money. Ted emphasizes how little silver is available for investors and how a raging shortage will unfold when investment demand ramps up. He predicts a buying panic on the part of industrial users when the availability of silver becomes pinched. Mr. Butler has uncovered so many bullish things that are currently changing the silver landscape, he predicts that the coming boom in silver will be written about for decades.

Let’s face it, these are uncertain times. How much does anybody trust today’s high flying markets in so many assets? The only thing that hasn’t gone into orbit is silver and a few other metals. Mr. Butler has explained why silver has been left behind. It has nothing to do with fundamentals which are bullish beyond measure. It has all to do with unfair practices that are now certain to be curbed. That means the train will soon be leaving the station, and silver’s promise coming to fruition. The downside in silver appears limited and the upside according to Mr. Butler is open-ended.

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