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There is a good chance that in two years the left returns to power. They will immediately raise taxes, cripple the oil industry, and give more money to the welfare class. They will attempt to give free healthcare to everyone along with free college tuition and a guaranteed income (free money). Their impractical demands to eliminate income inequality through exorbitant taxation and redistribution will wreck the economy and frighten investors. Deficits will balloon, and an avalanche of regulations will cripple business. Progressives have moved so far left that they no longer care about economic results. They only care about getting your money and spreading it around to their constituents, welfare recipients and fellow radicals.

All this will be heartily endorsed by the liberal media who have become little more than cheerleaders for socialism and collectivism. You will hear incessantly from them about the evils of capitalism, and that message is the death knell of a civilization. Never forget the liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin and perhaps something worse.

All of that is just one more reason to own silver and gold, two metals that have historically been hated by the left. That’s because they are outside the control of a radical government. They are a way to fashion a financial freedom beyond the reach of the state. If someday you want them to be a hidden asset, they can be. One thing for certain, if this newly radicalized Democratic Party gets control of our nation the economy will be shattered and the debasement of the dollar inevitable. At such a time, silver and gold will be more than necessary. They will be mandatory.

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