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It really gets tiresome listening to liberals whine about income inequality. They know nothing about wealth creation or the incredible effectiveness of capitalism when it comes to delivering the goods. People get rich in America by providing goods or services that consumers prefer. New breakthroughs and innovations can make entrepreneurs wealthy. Microsoft made Bill Gates one of the richest persons to ever live. Has the accumulation of his great fortune hurt anyone? Who is suffering because of all the new millionaires and billionaires in the world? Did the poor get poorer? Of course not.

The countries with the highest standard of living also have the most wealthy people. However, the left can’t connect the dots. People get rich by growing a business and employing people. Wealthy people also create jobs through investments and through hiring people to provide services for them. The so-called wealth gap is growing wider because more people are accumulating greater riches, not because more people are getting poorer. Yes, some people are stuck at the bottom, but not because of lack of opportunity. A poor person in America is better off than most of the people that have ever lived on earth.

Liberals never talk about the generosity and the enormous good that rich people do with their fortunes. The charitable endeavors of people like Gates are enormously beneficial to mankind. It’s a perfect argument to counter the soak-the-rich schemes of the Democrats. Their high tax policies destroy wealth and make everybody less well off.

Most Americans have a reasonably prosperous life these days. The shopping malls are full and new technologies keep us busy.  Meanwhile, the leftists see our wealth as ill-gotten gain that must be redistributed. They see poverty rather than prosperity. They are a sorry lot of economic know-nothings who think they can replace capitalism with collectivism and make us better off.

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