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Elizabeth Warren wants a 2% annual wealth tax with plenty of IRS audits to go with it. Imagine putting together a list of everything you own for the tax collector. Just don’t forget that painting on the wall or your mother’s jewelry that you inherited. Otherwise you may have it confiscated or a penalty added to your bill. Can you believe that anyone would propose this horrible intrusion into our freedom and privacy and still be a viable candidate for the presidency?

The socialists must be smelling blood to have the audacity to propose such confiscatory tax schemes. Popular left-wing economist Thomas Pickety, heavily praised by the New York Times, proposes a one-time wealth tax of 20% and an annual tax of 10% on everything an affluent person owns. With inflation raising everyone’s net worth that would soon snare a large contingent of high earners. The Democrats want to take more and more of our money and if they get control of the government, there is no limit on how much they will grab. A victorious left will cripple the economy, impoverish the nation and lead to the decline and fall of America.

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