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Nothing could be more detrimental for the American economy than to experience the full implementation of the liberal agenda. They are going to start with raising taxes. The corporate tax, capital gains tax, income tax and estate tax are going up. Leftist economists will foolishly claim that this won’t harm the economy, but we saw how well tax cuts worked under Trump.

The fatal flaw of these victorious liberals is their belief that giving people money they didn’t earn helps them. Inner cities argue otherwise. Giving money to people to make them equal only makes them more unequal. The coming new subsidies that aim to rectify social injustice will add to the enormous debt and deficits managed by liberals at the Treasury and Federal Reserve. These economic problems are likely to get out of hand in the new administration and the liberal cure is always to spend more and print more. A big push will be made for reparations without any consideration of the cost. Same with student debt that’s forgiven.

We are going to hear a lot about inequality. The wealthy will be vilified. The merit system will be under attack to be replaced by quotas and affirmative action. Minor crimes will be tolerated. The greens will stop new pipelines, mining and oil production. The left controls the media, the government, the educational system and social media. The sins of the right will be maximized, the sins of the left will be minimized. Cancel culture and outright censorship will cripple conservatism.   If you didn’t feel you needed to hedge your bets in the past, you may wish to do so now. Make no mistake, the liberal agenda is the blueprint for economic ruin.

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