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Unfortunately, we are now going to suffer through any number of left-wing initiatives that harm the economy and the nation. In Minneapolis, we are responding to a horrible crime wave by cutting the number of police. That’s the same kind of thinking that caused the liberals to kill the construction of an important pipeline and cancel 10,000 jobs. The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve are now run by ardent liberals and socialists and the government deficit could easily climb to $6 trillion this year. How much new money will be created by the government in order to manipulate the bond market, the currency markets and the stock market remains to be seen but it won’t be pretty. Unexpected crises and setbacks from here could pull the rug out from under the dollar and that’s when you most need to be hedged. A steep decline in the dollar could collapse mainstream investments. Nothing is certain or for sure from this point, but we do know that the left controls our government and our money and in this troubled time, that’s a lot to worry about.

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