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With liberals and leftists in charge of our Central Bank and Treasury, the future of our currency and economy looks bleak. These are the same people who have made a mess of welfare, immigration, education and energy. The pied piper of Keynesian extremism, Paul Krugman of the New York Times advises the new administration not to worry about debt or inflation and to trust the government to fix the economy. Sad to say, once you’ve gone down this inflationary path for decades, there’s no turning back unless you want to experience a depression. So the insanity of creating endless amounts of money until the currency implodes is the liberal solution.

The progressive agenda of inflationary spending causes endless problems for society. Welfare spending, for example, has created large populations of ne’er-do-wells and people of poor character. The welfare system is the breeding ground of radical politics and dissent. Unfortunately, our subsidized population alleviates their boredom with unproductive behavior. Better that this liberal initiative had never been hatched. Minorities fell back after the government began to give them money. Now an endless number of spending programs give people money they didn’t earn. These subsidies can’t be stopped any more than our government’s inflating can be stopped. People have come to rely on them and most everyone will suffer without easy money and subsidies for all.

Will the party ever end? Will runaway inflation ever destroy our dollar’s purchasing power? What happens if the government starts to send out less? What if subsidies are delayed or end? This is the Catch-22 of all time. Government wants to help everyone, but in doing so they go broke and can no longer help anyone. It’s likely they would take every last shred of our wealth to forestall it and that would leave all of us with nothing. This is the end game of liberalism.

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