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For the past twenty years, silver analyst Theodore Butler and I have had a conversation about silver almost every morning. Ted is a paid consultant to Investment Rarities and I get to hear his thoughts as he develops them. Early on, I realized that Ted knew more about the silver market than any other person. I’ve been reading and studying the silver market since 1973. That’s almost 50 years and in that time, no one ever came close to Mr. Butler in their knowledge of the silver market. He is the reigning expert on the subject and he is extremely careful about what he says.

I’m not trying to put anyone down, but one of the things the two of us frequently discuss is the constant misinformation and outright foolish commentary written and said about silver. The mainstream media is absolutely clueless and the big company commodity managers they quote in their news articles are hopeless. A lot of what is written about silver on the internet and in newsletters is wrong. Much of what’s written has been plagiarized from Ted Butler with a few new twists and interpretations that wander into guesswork and errors.  Some of it is just plain silly. Every day brings another round of commentaries that are wide of the mark. It’s safe to say that most of what you read about silver is inaccurate.

Ted and I have often wondered if this is the way it is with everything. Is most of what we read about markets and investments balderdash? What about everything else? Economist Steve Hanke says that 95% of what appears in the mainstream media is false or irrelevant. That’s pretty scary if true. In the case of silver, it’s quite accurate.

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