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When I’m in Florida for the winter, I subscribe to the Sarasota Herald Tribune. When reading the paper I always check a cartoon called Mallard Filmore that pokes fun at progressives. Wouldn’t you know it, they canceled Mallard Filmore last week. They put a notice in the cartoon section and when I read it, I became angry enough to send the paper an email that I was canceling my subscription. I noticed a couple of letters on the editorial page also complaining about the loss of Mallard and promising an end to their home delivery.

Do the leftists promulgating this cancel culture think that somehow these actions are going to eliminate racism? Liberals think they have the moral high ground because they’ve convinced themselves that 75 million people on the right are racist. They feel justified in doing anything they wish to punish conservatives and banish their supposed prejudices. The most militant among them are now condemning our founding fathers and even attempting to censor what we read.

The hard left claims everyone with light skin is a racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most conservatives are happy to see successful minority persons and bear no ill will towards anyone striving to get ahead in life. When we condemn riots, looting, crimes and misbehavior, it’s not racism, it’s common sense. When you hear these left-wing agitators condemning law enforcement, abolishing police protection and weakening law and order, it sounds crazy to us. We want the best for all races and we know that this kind of radical agenda won’t get it done.

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