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We had a film festival on the little island in Florida where my wife and I spend the winter months. One of the films, “The Last Suit,” was about a Holocaust survivor who had migrated to Argentina in 1945. Now he was old and wanted to return to Poland and see the man who had saved his life. He was quite the curmudgeon and refused to cross Germany or step on German soil. He had watched his whole family be murdered by the Germans. Tears flowed when the two old men finally met. This movie is worth seeing. However, for a graphic presentation of the horror and terror of the Holocaust please see my website It’s a non-commercial site and will give you insight into the dimensions of these crimes like nothing else.


I listened to some of Elizabeth Warren’s negative statements about America as she announced her candidacy for President. There are so many great things about America to talk about, but these leftists can only see evil and injustice. The truth is the poor are well taken care of in our country. And as far as the middle class struggling, when has it ever not been so? It was always tight raising a family and paying bills was a worry. A pox on these socialists who detest the success of our country and can see only injustice and failure.


A dear friend called from Canada to tell us about her current health issues. She had developed a serious red rash around her mouth that had spread to her chin and cheeks. She posted a picture that looked terrible. “What did the dermatologist say?” we asked. She hadn’t seen a dermatologist. That’s because there was a twelve-month wait to get in to see one. So much for the effectiveness of Canada’s socialized medicine.

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