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Every successful American with money should be alarmed at the current political bombast aimed at the rich. The left is ramping up hatred of capitalism and those who have acquired wealth. They are blaming free markets for poverty and economic hardship. They want the government to take away the assets of our most successful citizens.

Throughout history hatred and dislike of those at the top has led to ruthless governments, revolutions and genocide. Numerous examples exist of misdeeds motivated by jealousy, intolerance or larceny. If you think that such things are impossible here, history argues otherwise. The left preaches hatred, however subtle. Listen to the extremists among them because that is the direction they are moving.

My neighbor in Florida is Armenian. His grandparents lived through the Armenian genocide that killed one-and-a-half million people. The Islamic Turks slaughtered the Christian Armenians. The Turks robbed, raped and murdered at will. My neighbor’s grandmother came from a wealthy family and she and her sisters were raped and abused while everything they owned was stolen or confiscated. These gentle women were forced into a death march where thousands suffered and died. Why did these terrible atrocities occur? The Armenians were the most successful people in Turkey. They were often wealthy and they had accumulated more riches than the Turks. So they were envied and hated and ultimately murdered.

The left stokes similar hatreds in America. If you think these Antifa communists and politicized criminals from the underclass are above violence, then you are misinformed. I’m not suggesting we are facing an army of murderers today. Thank God for our police who protect us. However, our population has changed and the left in America is more influential, more full of hate, more envious and more energized than ever before. Their foremost method of addressing the injustice they erroneously see is by grabbing the money of the rich. That’s what’s coming and beyond that, we must look to history for clues and they are hardly comforting.

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