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Newspaper articles about the recent cold snap in Minnesota never fail to mention a half-dozen hardy homeless persons who insist on living outside in tents with heaters inside. Homelessness is a favorite subject of liberal newspapers. I wonder if they ever question why there are so many more of them these days.

The liberal media never notices that all the money directed at the poor doesn’t seem to be lifting them out of poverty. In fact, the more money they get, the worse off they are. More subsidies only seem to cause more addiction, more misbehavior and more bad parenting. The left continues to think they are helping the poor with their social programs, but all too often they are harming them. Giving people money they didn’t earn is bad policy.

Continually handing out money means the future condition of the underclass will deteriorate further. You can expect mind-boggling rates of alcoholism and drug addiction (as high as 90% in some places). Physical abuse and domestic chaos will become epidemic. In the years ahead, crime, delinquency and bad character will skyrocket. You will be shocked at the amount of barbaric behavior that unfolds in the future. Year over year the poor have been faring worse and behaving worse. The future will hold more of the same and then some.

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