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My friend Dave is a real “Gloomy Gus.” He believes the future for America is bleak. He claims that within a few decades, the entire country will be worse than San Francisco. Dave argues that whatever you subsidize, you get more of. That means homelessness and drug addiction will be everywhere. He says that the current system of welfare is an incentive for a few unwed mothers to have children that aren’t raised properly. That’s why the crime problem will be much worse and affluent neighborhoods will suffer. He expects inflation to worsen and interest rates to keep rising. He says today’s high debt levels and runaway government spending will lead to national bankruptcy.

Dave makes a convincing case. He owns a lot of gold and silver and predicts it’s going to an astronomical price. Frankly, Dave is an expert on gold and silver, and he says we’re on the cusp of a big move. I think he is worth listening to.

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