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I wrote this article for a recent newsletter. I think it’s worth reading again.

If you had any doubts about the warped perceptions of the left, recent political warfare should put that to rest. Today’s liberals make things up to suit their political purpose. They see things through a filter of radical leftism where the means are justified by the end. They would not hesitate to overturn the Constitution for their favorite social schemes. They often shut down their opponents with storm-trooper tactics that we see employed by Antifa and campus radicals. They are so certain of their moral superiority and the truthfulness of their liberal dogma they will do the nasty things in America that collectivists have always done to gain power. They will try to take everything you have and ultimately they will brutalize you if you resist. Don’t think for a moment that progressives are not the greatest enemy the American way of life has ever faced. Their mandate for social justice and social change will preempt your freedom in a heartbeat.

Worst of all they are evolving further leftward; from democrat to liberal to socialist to collectivist and ultimately to Castro and Stalin. History does not register with them. They just keep marching towards the hell on earth that is state control. Why do they always want to raise taxes? They want equality and that means taking what the productive people earn. They want taxes to be as high as 90% on high incomes and they want a punitive annual wealth tax on all your assets. They will cripple business, destroy free enterprise, eliminate capitalism and plunge our nation into poverty, strife and bloodshed. The liberals don’t even know what they are walking into but the Marxists and radicals certainly know. These collectivists hate America. They claim our country was never great and never exceptional. And who is to blame for all the injustice those socialists see? Who is responsible for causing people to be poor and homeless? Well it’s simple – you are.

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