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Our TV news carried a feature on a large crowd of local immigrants becoming citizens. Most were Hispanics and Africans, a number of whom wore hijabs. Years ago, I went through the process of becoming a citizen. My mother was a Yankee from upstate New York, but she gave birth to me in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We moved to the U.S. when I was 9 years old. In order to join the Air Force when I got out of high school, I had to become a citizen. It was a simple process and about a dozen of us were naturalized that day.

None of the people in my group were going to get help from the government because there wasn’t any such thing. Most of today’s new citizens are poor and come from impoverished or war torn countries. Upon arriving in America they get immediate financial help from the government. Unfortunately, this can become a way of life. As many as half of immigrants who are refugees will stay on welfare indefinitely. Of course many become hard workers and productive citizens. They will thrive and prosper in the land of opportunity.

The concern is that most of these new citizens will vote for leftists. If you join the free stuff army, you will vote for politicians who will keep the free stuff coming. They could be the deciding vote on socialized medicine and higher taxes. One exception would be people from Cuba or Venezuela who actually lived and suffered under Socialism. Hopefully our new immigrants will come to see the great benefits of Capitalism and free markets and turn away from the Democratic Party. If not, our country will gradually deteriorate as impossibly high taxes that fund runaway social programs sink our economy. Socialists will sacrifice our economic well-being for forced equality, political correctness and dictatorial regulations. In that case, say goodbye to the land of the free. A lot hinges on the political persuasion of our new immigrants. So far, it’s not looking good.

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