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Child welfare workers are mostly liberal. They invariably push to have abused and endangered children reunited with their worthless parents. For example, a Minneapolis mother convicted of prostitution, drug crimes and other offenses who lost rights to two children due to frequent maltreatment was reunited with her two-year-old son by order of the county.

As a newborn the baby tested positive for high levels of opiates and cocaine. Foster parents weaned him off the drug with methadone as he cried in pain. Nevertheless, the infant was sent back to his mother. When presented with evidence of the mother’s continued drug use and prostitution the county refused to intervene.  Recently the mother was advertising her availability as a prostitute and had the boy with her when she was arrested with four others in a hotel room strewn with dirty needles, crack pipes, cocaine and meth. The boy was then passed around to four or five people and the county lost track of him. Eventually the father was arrested for an unrelated crime and directed police to relatives who had the boy. Hopefully, the foster parents who want to adopt him will get the boy back. Believe it or not the court may still return him to his mother.

When you multiply stories like this thousands of times you get a sense of how much behavioral damage liberal social policies cause. Criminals and addicts who should never raise a child are given this responsibility time and again by social workers and the courts. If you wanted to raise a crop of hoodlums and gangsters this is how you do it. Chalk another massive failure up to liberalism.

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