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I’m always bemused by the government’s monthly statistics on the inflation rate. Two recent visits to the dentist to fix a bridge cost me $3,200. I ordered a cup of coffee before a flight at the airport. It was $4.00. I gave the waiter a dollar tip which made it $5.00. This was the same cup of coffee that cost a nickel all through the 1950’s and 60’s. A glass of red wine at a nice Minneapolis restaurant that my wife and I dined at before the basketball game was $18.00. This glass of wine costs more than an ounce of silver. For me, the government inflation index is poppycock.

Nevertheless, the mavens at the Federal Reserve are calling for more inflation. That means money creation on a grand scale. The Federal Reserve produces new money out of thin air and buys long-dated government bonds in the billions and trillions. This allows the government to pay its bills. Its inflationary effect has yet to be felt to the full extent of its debasement potential. However, it is definitely a form of monetary inflating that can hardly be considered benign.

You have to protect yourself against the prospect of severe inflation. The facts indicate that we should have much worse inflation than we do. The soft demand in the U.S. economy plays a part. However, the amount of money and credit we’ve created insists that a rip-roaring inflation is inevitable at some point.

Silver will likely outperform most assets in an inflation. Furthermore, it’s poised to make a run at any time. Best of all, it’s the perfect asset for exchange should inflation get out of control. It makes sense to have a significant quantity of silver on hand. It can do so many things for you.

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