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Shanghai Gold Exchange Sees 45.48 Tonnes in Withdrawals In Latest Week

Posted May 22: Withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange in the latest week were 45.48 tonnes. That is 1,462,216 troy ounces taken out of their exchange in one week They use real physical bullion that moves b Read More »


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Jim Cook


By James Cook

In my daily conversations with Ted Butler, I get a clarifying vision of how much money he thinks will be made by owning silver. Consequently I plan to sell assets and buy more silver. Recently I sold my Babe Ruth home run bat for a mind-boggling $550,000. A chunk of that will go into silver. According to Ted, the more silver I own the more profits lie ahead. Mr. Butler is without a doubt the ranking silver expert in the world. He has articulated numerous facts about silver that when taken in total are beyond bullish. He promises astronomical gains to those who own silver.

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