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Gold Ends Week at 3-Month Low; US Mint Bullion Sales Strong

Posted May 28: Gold futures drove their losing streak to eight sessions in a row, posted their third straight weekly decline, and settled at their lowest level in more than three months. Gold for August delivery... Read More »


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Jim Cook


By James Cook

So much is going on with silver you wonder if we aren’t on the verge of a price blow off. I pay close attention to what silver analyst Ted Butler tells me. I promise you he is so far out in front of every other silver analyst they have to plagiarize to keep up. He sees tightness in physical silver. He tells me how the silver ETF has a building short position. He explains that JPMorgan is standing for delivery on the COMEX and still accumulating thousand ounce bars. He thinks the record short position on paper by the big banks could crash silver briefly, but he thinks the composition of the short holders will be subtly changing as JPMorgan gradually slips the noose. A silver shortage seems probable and JPMorgan is ripe to make mega-billions in a silver melt-up that can’t be forestalled for long.

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