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Through the Revolving Door to Lobby

Posted July 24: "An epic farce" is how Zero Hedge characterizes Scott O'Malia's spin through the revolving door just two days after resigning as an CFTC commissioner, to become the new head of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), "the biggest banking ... Read More »

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Jim Cook


By James Cook

The foremost reason to buy silver in the minds of most people is to make a lot of money. Theodore Butler seems to think that silver will go up ten times from the current $20 level. I think there is another important reason to own this tangible asset.  We are losing the America that we have all known to impractical leftists with an agenda that promises economic ruin. They want control and they will break the law, manipulate the media, lie and use force to get their way. For the most part they are utopians who aim to improve and perfect society. They reject free markets basically because they are free and not under their control. Throughout history they have wreaked havoc.

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