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Our newspaper reports that a woman who embezzled $3.75 million from her employer will face no jail time, only probation. In other words, you can steal almost 4 million dollars in Minnesota and go unpunished. That no doubt explains why crime is setting records. For example, there were over a million car thefts nationally last year. That’s double what it was only a few years ago. If you can steal a car and not face jail time, why not steal another car? It’s safe to conclude that crime will keep rising because there is no punishment for many crimes. You can shoplift, burglarize, rob and steal what you want without the police arresting you. If you are unlucky enough to get pinched, the judge will set you free.


The police don’t help much with property crimes. They give you a case number and you may never hear from them again. If you think crime is bad now, you can expect it to get much worse. This soft on crime policy is the handiwork of impractical liberals in the criminal justice system. Whatever these leftists do, the results are disastrous. The breakdown of law and order weakens our country and is a sure sign of national decline.


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