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No asset is currently more undervalued than silver. It’s cheaper on an inflation-adjusted basis and also on a relative basis when compared to gold. The economic circumstances brought on by the coronavirus suggests that a long term cycle of superior investment performance for silver is about to begin.  Central banks and world governments have embarked on a path of monetary and fiscal accommodation that creates an environment in which silver has historically flourished. Bullish predictions for silver have become widespread.

As a result of its long period of underperformance, silver is under-owned by the public. However, current events have recently created periods of high demand and increased ownership of physical metal. Because the amounts of silver available are precariously low, the price can quite literally explode at any time.

This is why silver is the investment opportunity of a lifetime. There’s no question that growing investment demand will create a shockingly higher price for silver. Once it breaks out, it will be a runaway train. Higher prices beget investment demand – always and forever.

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