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I believe we are in the process of forming a silver price bottom that will endure for years to come. Among my reasons is that silver is dirt cheap. Silver is often thought of as a hedge against inflation, which is now running at its hottest pace in 40 years. And it’s not as if investors, large and small are not buying silver – in fact, silver investment buying has rarely been stronger – right down to the formation a little more than a year ago, of a Reddit site promoting silver that has garnered close to 200,000 members. I’m not aware of any similar grassroots group existing in any other commodity. And, as the Silver Institute’s new annual review points out – industrial and investment demand for silver has rarely been stronger, with supply remains stagnant – the most compelling formula for higher prices according to the law of supply and demand.

One of these days, a rally in silver is bound to mirror the types of rallies we’ve witnessed in other metals and commodities. Such a silver rally is long overdue. And what with new regulatory awareness and physical silver market demand, as well as growing public awareness that something manipulative is dictating silver prices, it promises that the nature of the next rally could and should be much different than previous rallies. In other words, the bottom will be in.

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