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I can’t recall a time when all the stars, planets and moons have been as aligned as they are now for a sudden and shocking revolution in the price of silver. COMEX positioning sets the price of silver and it has turned profoundly bullish. I wholeheartedly believe there has to be a great reset in the price of silver. Just about everything I look at appears to be wildly bullish for silver. World production is stagnant at best and both industrial and investment demand is strong. The continued low price discourages new (and existing) mine production, while the soaring costs of production also serves as a headwind. On the industrial side, the largest single component of demand – silver’s use in solar panels – seems guaranteed to soar.

On the investment side (where silver is the only true dual industrial/investment demand commodity), the recent surge in inflation and the decline in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and real estate, seem guaranteed to stimulate silver investment demand from investors fleeing other markets. Whenever silver prices rise significantly it will set off the hoards of investors who buy only when prices rise. The prospects for higher silver prices have never been better. Certainly, few would disagree that silver is the cheapest asset of all. Thus, it would appear that on every possible measurement available, silver is dirt cheap – which vastly improves its standing as a safe haven. We already know its price is capable of doubling relatively quickly, since it has done so numerous times in the past. Just about every metric possible point to silver being the near-perfect investment for today.

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