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Ted Butler is taking a hiatus this week. We are instead running this essay by James Cook about Ted Butler.

Mr. Butler claims the price of silver must inevitably go to dramatically higher price levels. He’s talking about five or even ten times current prices. His arguments are powerful and compelling, especially since he’s been right so often. Not only have his predictions been accurate, he’s introduced a bunch of unknown facts about silver, as well as providing shrewd insights into how the markets really work. He’s the guy that everybody reads and listens to. Taken together, all the other writers and so-called experts on silver don’t approach his expertise. Some will mention him or give him credit, while the rest pretend that what they’ve written is something they thought up. Either you give Ted Butler adequate credit, or you’re likely to be plagiarizing.

So, when the premier expert on silver as much as promises that the price of silver will explode someday, you should give serious thought to owning silver. If you already do, you should think about buying more. Naturally there are no guarantees, but up to this point in silver’s price rise, what credible argument has anybody given to overturn Ted Butler’s views? I can’t think of any. Mr. Butler is talking about making multiples on the amount of money you put into silver. That’s one of the principle ways you get rich in America. You buy something that appreciates a number of times over. If the spectacular gains he mentions come to pass, it can change your financial life.

Mr. Butler is adamant that you can make a lot of money by owning and holding actual physical silver. By owning real silver rather than futures, mining stocks or funds you will be far more likely to hold through the violent price swings Mr. Butler predicts. It’s too easy to trade in and out of paper. You have brokers trying to get you to take profits much too early and you will be tempted to sell too soon yourself. Listen to this crucial advice and get the real thing.

Even while we talk about the long term and patience in holding silver, there’s every reason to believe that the factors holding down the price may be running out of gas. Mr. Butler has convincingly documented abuses to various authorities who could shake up the status quo in the silver market. Were that to happen, things could unfold in rapid fire fashion and silver holders would be overjoyed. In that case, it’s far better to be early than late.

Think about it. Minerals and base metals are being bid up worldwide. Silver is just as important as any of them, and maybe more so. It’s absolutely vital. You know the story in Asia. The demand for silver in appliances, electronics and photography seem open ended. That would appear to protect the down side. Mr. Butler claims that silver is low risk and high reward. He’s been mostly right so far. His strongly worded advice is for you to buy silver now.

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