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Almost everything that happens in the future of the world’s finances seems destined to cause the price of silver to rise sharply. Sound farfetched? Hear me out. Let’s say stocks continue to rise and stock market valuations add many more trillions to the equity markets. Silver only needs the tiniest fraction of these stock market gains to overpower available silver supplies. If a rising stock market is accompanied by increased world economic production, tons more silver will be consumed by industry. If the stock market suddenly tanks – silver is a go-to safe haven asset in times of market chaos and economic crisis. The same goes for bonds, real estate or crypto currencies. If all rise sharply, some small portion of the increased wealth created is bound to find to find its way into the few available low-priced assets remaining, which includes silver. One of the cornerstones of investing is diversification and it’s reasonable to assume those who have prospered will seek to spread their wealth to other assets, including silver.

Silver has become an investment asset that probably can’t lose in the coming years. At no point in history has silver ever been such a small and overlooked component of the world’s assets. The low price of silver along with the very small amount of physical silver available for purchase sets up a certain collision course. There is way too much investment buying power in the world against way too little physical silver available to be bought. Meanwhile, new uses for silver are growing and many products that use silver are seeing red hot demand. That means 90% of all newly mined silver is consumed by industrial and fabrication demands. Only a small amount is available to investors per year. Ultimately, this tightness should lead to a shortage.

The word must be getting out. Here’s something I’ve never seen in the 30 years I have closely studied silver. I can’t find a negative article about silver, that is, an article or report that doesn’t predict a sharply higher future price. It’s not something I’ve ever witnessed before. Unless I’m missing something very basic, the next big move in silver will be much higher.

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