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I caught a brief interview on CNBC last week with Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, that only amped up my question about how the bank could avoid the growing allegations of serious wrongdoing in silver. I’ve always found Dimon to be a straight shooter and were it not for what I have learned in silver over the past ten years, he would be my pick for best bank CEO. However, JPMorgan’s activities in silver have become my central focus and I’m convinced that the bank has been the principal silver price manipulator and accumulator of physical metal.  Because of this, I find Mr. Dimon’s words completely incompatible with JPM’s silence when it comes to silver.

Mr. Dimon mentions how he reads everything he can get his hands on, including four or five newspapers a day, as well as any emails he receives. None of that is compatible with me never hearing anything back from the twice-weekly articles I have sent him for the past ten years. It is also not compatible with my emails being blocked by JPM’s Board of Directors and General Counsel when I frequently wrote to them more than five years ago about JPMorgan’s misconduct. Why would JPM’s top lawyer refuse to hear about potential wrongdoing by the bank? One would think any legitimate financial institution would seek to refute false allegations of misconduct, and investigate any violations. The allegations of market manipulation could hardly be more serious, so something is missing here. I believe that JPMorgan and Mr. Dimon are not able to deny what I allege, because it’s true. They have manipulated silver in order to accumulate a huge hoard of it and to engineer a massive profit.

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