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The biggest reason to own silver and gold today is that liberals are in charge of our government. We need only look at the major California cities where liberals are in control to see how incompetent and impractical they are. What they have wrought is disgusting. Their inability to govern shows up in their outrageous mistakes in our foreign policy. Bear in mind that liberals are in charge at the Treasury and Federal Reserve. These agencies are intent on subsidizing the woke and trying to correct social differences with free money. Progressives are intent on raising taxes to levels that hurt the economy and spending far more than they take in.

This spending profligacy must take a toll on the strength of the dollar. Currency debasement is inevitable with liberals in charge. In the next 3½ years, we are likely to experience any number of setbacks and economic trauma. You can’t do what the left is doing with our money and not pay a price. Things could really get rocky and the liberals will only make matters worse. Economic history tells us that silver and gold are the answer for protecting against bad policies. The liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin and you should be hedging against it with silver or gold.

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