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Free money has two serious consequences for our country. It ruins the character of those who come to rely on it and its constant expansion unleashes powerful financial and monetary trends that threaten the dollar, the markets, and our economy. These are terrible problems. For example, the current outbreak of crime can be linked to free money. For seventy years, the government has been pumping billions of dollars into the high crime areas of our major cities. It hasn’t helped, they are worse than ever. Welfare money may initially be helpful and beneficial, but as it becomes permanent, the dependency and boredom it creates promote mischief. Free money leads to alcoholism, addiction, crime, worsening poverty and even homelessness. Almost all of these street people get free money from welfare and social security disability to pay for their expensive narcotics. You can also blame free money for contributing to the rash of deaths that come from drug overdoses.

The liberals and leftists are quick to blame the plight of the underclass on racism and historical inequities. Some of that is true, but it’s also true that minority families were growing stronger financially and were more united until the welfare explosion of the 1960s. That caused families to disintegrate and dependency to replace work and self-reliance. Richard Vedder and Braden Colegrove wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “Expanded government entitlements following the Great Society era have reduced traditional family formation, reduced incentives to excel both in school and on the job, and increased crime.”

Up until a few years ago, immigrants who came to America got little from the government. Now these newcomers are immediately given free money. While some of this is necessary, free money serves as a great incentive to come to America. Liberals favor wide-open borders because indigenous people and Hispanics tend to support leftists with their votes. Millions more will be coming if the money holds out and the border stays open. Free money is the principal cause of the immigration crisis.

Lately, TV commercials have been advocating that people contact government offices to get free stuff including hearing aids and free dentistry. Then there is the push for free tuition, loan forgiveness, free daycare, free healthcare and guaranteed income payments. That’s on top of billions of subsidies already in existence. At election time, voters that are getting this free money are certain to vote for politicians who favor more subsidies. In other words, free money leads to socialism and that is its greatest sin.

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