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Don’t get me wrong. I voted for Mr. Trump and I like what he is doing. We have been going socialistic for a hundred years. The left has had its way. Liberal policies have been implemented in every administration including Reagan and Bush. Mr. Trump is the first president who has tried to stop the inroads of socialism. Consequently, the liberals are going crazy. They have always had their way and they can’t handle being denied their wishes.

However, there are two problems facing America that Mr. Trump can’t solve. They are intractable because they have roots in policies set up years ago. The first problem is with money creation and inflationary policies. Our money and credit expansion has been so aggressive that we can’t shrink or withdraw it without a depression. So no politician or central banker will stop inflating. Consequently, all fiat currencies, including the dollar, are eventually doomed. We are past the point where governments can reign in spending. As a result, they must pay a portion of their bills with newly created money. Each boom and bust cycle requires more of this confetti. Ultimately, it results in runaway inflation. Mr. Trump is an inflationist because he must be. He doesn’t want to take the blame for another great recession.

The second problem that can’t be solved is even more worrisome. Our social welfare system has created a huge population of criminals, addicts, crazies, government dependents and people of low character. They are in league and in sympathy with the goals of the rioters and revolutionaries of the far left. Generally they embrace socialism and hate capitalism. They envy the successful, hate the rich and deplore the merit system. These demonstrators see inequality and racism instead of opportunity and the American dream. They would not hesitate to overturn the constitution and the rule of law to accomplish their social goals. These people are a threat to our safety and welfare. Unfortunately, their numbers continue to grow, encouraged by our generous social welfare system. We should not ignore the rise of a constituency of flag burners and revolutionaries who hate our way of life. Unfortunately, no political leader can solve this problem. It can only get worse.

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