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In my lifetime, the media have always been liberal and much too influential. Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, and Dan Rather were all lefties. They are a powerful reason we have become a social welfare state. They sold the American public on a leftist ideology. Back in 1965, the media smoothed the way for Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. They heavily endorsed the idea that giving the underclass financial aid would lift them from poverty. I bought in at the time and voted for Lyndon Johnson.

Could anything have been a greater failure than this program? Today it requires greater sums for far more people, some of whom are dependent and dysfunctional. Recently these welfare recipients have become pugnacious. They rail against injustice and vent their hatred against people who have been successful. They see everything as a stacked deck against them. This negative belief has spread to the point that athletes who make millions of dollars refuse to stand for the national anthem. And the liberal media glamorizes all this disenchantment.

Currently, the media fulminates against the President. They hated and slandered Reagan and Bush, but with nowhere near the same intensity and rancor. As usual these constant refrains from the media influence the way people think. Even the president’s allies begin to doubt and the turncoats gain positive publicity. No matter what is said and done by the chief executive it is spun negatively. Those of us opposed to liberalism need to stand firm and reject this onslaught spewed out by the leftist media. That’s because the liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin. You only need look at the results of Lyndon Johnson’s programs for a Great Society to realize what a failure liberalism has been. We are moving towards unsettling times because of it.

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