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In an earlier article, I wrote that the U.S. Immigration Service has an office in our building. Consequently, we see a large flow of Central Americans and others in our lobby moving in and out of the immigration office. Many have large numbers of kids. According to an immigration lawyer in our building, these folks are all illegal immigrants. They are claiming asylum because of dangers to them in their own country.  I wonder where all these people are staying and how are they being supported. It has to be a major expense for the government.

The main thing that bothers me about this influx of immigrants is their politics. Once they become naturalized they can vote and if most are leftists they will contribute to the socialist overthrow of the land of opportunity. Let’s face it, minority voters support the Democrats. That’s why liberals so ardently support illegal immigration and even open borders. They disguise their sentiments as compassion, but in truth they want to force their socialistic schemes on us.

We have around 50,000 immigrants in Minneapolis that came from Somalia. As a result, we now have this controversial, anti-Semitic socialist Ilhan Omar in Congress. The Somali vote helped eliminate our Republican senator on a close recount and that’s how we got Obamacare by one vote. A healthy percentage of these immigrants get subsidies and the subsidized will always vote for more government assistance. Welfare rolls are also the breeding ground of radical politics.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper commented that “it’s exciting that whites will no longer represent the nation’s majority.” It’s only exciting if you’re a socialist or a Marxist that spreads lies about the motives of white Americans. It certainly why these leftists want open borders. They are hell-bent on spreading their ruinous collectivist doctrines that will ultimately destroy our nation’s prosperity.

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