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Silver analyst Theodore Butler thinks a price explosion in silver will start soon. Time is running out on silver under $20 an ounce. Mr. Butler makes a forceful argument that silver will go up ten times or more. If it does and you own a lot of silver, it can make your life comfortable and prosperous. That’s why you buy silver, for a dramatic price run-up that can make you rich. Silver has a history of doing just that. This time, Mr. Butler believes it will outdo the prior bull markets.

Are you going to lose money on silver under $20? We don’t think so. The pain isn’t going to come from owning silver that declines in price. According to Mr. Butler it’s going to come from not owning silver or not owning enough silver. You only get the enormous financial opportunity that silver offers once or twice in a lifetime. Ted says this is no ordinary chance for riches. This is something special that has been building for a long time. He calls silver ridiculously cheap. If it wasn’t for the unnatural force of a major bank throttling the price while they built up the largest hoard of silver in history, the price would be much higher. The artificially low price means more silver has been used up by industry and no substitutes for silver have been developed. Mr. Butler insists that when investment demand kicks into gear, a shortage will unfold. A mad scramble for silver will ensue and the price will reach levels that we only fantasize about today.

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